Standing Ovation to…

the cast and crew at West Mifflin High School in Pennsylvania for their outstanding efforts in staging Welfarewell. They had an 18-year-old actress, Becky, playing 80-year-old Esmerelda!

Cat is very proud of the cast, only 5 of whom had ever been on stage before. A round of Catnip for everyone!

Esmerelda Quipp – Rebecca Mamaeff

H.B. (Honey Bunch Hackett) – Heaven Bobo

Val – Carrie Gleason

Penelope Farthingale – Theresa Sherlock

Dottie Ramsbottom – Autumn Melvin-Britton

Alfred David – D.J. Burroughs

Jennifer Doer – Maura McGuire

Gladys Symmington-Bukovitch – Eboni Bowers

Judge Julius – Janell Prysock

Mildred McGonigle – Autumn Melvin-Britton

Landlord – Mario Harden

Bank Teller #1 – Omari Kirkland

Bank Teller #2 – Claudia Erb

Bank Teller #3 – Bryan Merritt

Bank Customer – Mario Harden

Court Room Observers – Omari Kirkland, Claudia Erb, Eboni Bowers, Bryan Merrit

Bailiff – Mario Harden

Chef – Mario Harden

A very special thanks to teacher/director Melissa Prutz for her dedication.


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