Cat’s Meow

Cat’s Meow

the critics stroke Cat…

Thank god her pen is mightier than her sword! — Zorro

Bloody traitor. — Queen Elizabeth II

“Wow! It’s a great tale wonderfully told. You run the gamut of emotions with ease, and I especially like your use of humour around what is still a very delicate subject [what to do with your mother’s ashes].” Declan Kelly, Arts and Lifestyles Editor, The Guelph Mercury, said of Cat’s piece about her mother’s ashes; read it in the “Litter-ary” section of this website.

They just don’t make them like that any more. — Ramses II

What a ham! — Porky Pig

“A sensory assault-filled exploration of the development of Spring.” Keri-Lyn Durant, 2007 Elora Writers’ Festival judge, said of Cat’s award-winning poem; read it in the “Litter-ary” section of this website.

I just keep trying to make her disappear. — Harry Houdini

Puts pesto on her cereal. — Julia Child

“One of the most gifted writers I know and love.” Bruce Bishop, travel writer, editor, media and public relations consultant.

Compared to what? She’s entirely relative. — Albert Einstein

Drives too fast. — Juan Fangio

And about Cat’s upcoming satire book, Success Sucks!, editor Brian Henry said: “As a reader, I was really turned on by the subject, and as an editor, I’d say a book [like this] has tons of potential. I enjoy your wit and I enjoy your insights even more.” And Toronto Fringe Festival winner for his black comedy, Bella Donna, playwright David Copelin says, “I must say I laughed a lot. Good on you for going after those charlatans. I hope somebody publishes the book and you make as much money as the fake gurus.” Read the jacket flap copy in the “Litter-ary” section of this website.

Respect for deadlines, vast storehouse of knowledge (some of it useless), copious energy, fine wordsmith. Nut. — Nota Bene (Italian uncle)