all the news that’s fit to wail…

Sales of the published script of Cat’s award-winning social satire for the stage, Welfarewell, are going briskly. Cat was informed that she won the prestigious Samuel French award for Canadian playwriting by a phone call in December 2009. The play was published in May 2010 and dozens or productions have since been staged around the globe; we’ll let you know where and when as we find out. We’ve heard rumours about Canadian, American and European productions so far… To purchase the book or inquire about production rights, please contact Samuel French, Inc.

Given that Welfarewell captured a coveted award and is timely (we’re all getting older!), Cat has aligned with the momentum of the stage play and adapted it for the screen as a feature film, and for television as a half-hour sit-com. The zany cast of characters sticks with the original story in the film, adding a conniving cat and a clever bird; the entire cast, plus added characters, brings wit and life lessons to the television series as Esmerelda turns 81, and then 82 and…

Welfarewell now has a sequel! The Divine Sisters of the Immaculate Deception follows Essie and a few of her gals, with a couple of newbies, on their quest to keep women employed outside of the oldest profession. Another romp with gut-ache laughs! The script is available for sale directly from Cat, as are production rights.

Cat has recently completed the rough draft of a comedy for the stage, entitled Wife Insurance, co-writing with fellow playwright, David Copelin. The play is loosely based on a bizarre true story wherein a woman turned in her husband after seeing him on an episode of America’s Most Wanted, and it turned out he was not the culprit. So much for that marriage! The play was workshopped at the Public Library in Ashland, Oregon, on Monday, March 28, 2011.


Cat is currently revising her satire that skewers motivational gurus. Its short title is Success Sucks! and it is slated to be published some time in 2015. We’ll keep you posted on exact launch dates and where you can buy the book.

Cat is proud to be part of the upcoming Michelin Green Guide to Ontario; she’ll be working with veteran Michelin editor, Gwen Cannon, for the second time. The last time the Michelin Green Guides were updated, Cat worked on copy for the Atlantic Provinces and contributed photographs to the Ontario and Atlantic editions.

Michelin Green Guides are produced for various countries and areas around the world; the fact-checking, writing and photographs are handled by local residents so that the data is as current and insightful as possible. The Guides are available at most book shops and travel centres, or visit


Cat continues to work on the development of a fantasy novel series for young women, and a uniquely constructed, semi-autobiographical novel, tentatively titled The Pilot, that explores how the tables turn when we become the parents of our parents in their dotage, with a thematic undercurrent of the unreliability of memory. Two more historical stage plays are in the works, one about the duelling death of Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin, and the other about the meeting of two strong women, both widows, one a queen and one a former slave.