scratching the surface of Cat’s writing collection…


Here is a partial portfolio of the completed works of Cat Delaney (and those written under her pseudonyms); many of these works are available for publication and production. Please contact Cat for more information. Please note that some of these manuscripts are in rough draft; others are more developed to final draft, but can still be revised to accommodate publication or production. A full synopsis is available for each work upon request.

For the Stage

• Afterlife (one act about survivors of a plane crash who gather at a memorial one year later)

• The Agony Aunt (two acts about two women (cousins), feeling their middle age, who discover their aunt/mother was secretly an agony aunt)

• All of the Above (one act for one actor who plays an actor)

• A Man of Letters (two-act historical work about Samuel Johnson’s great regret)

• Alors, Fouquet! (two acts, French history)

• Apart & Tied (two acts about a couple who on their 25th wedding anniversary decide to live apart, but stay married; comedy)

• The Beggar’s Dream (one act from 1973, really dated!)

• The Castle of Otranto (two acts, adapted from the first “gothic” novel, of the same title, written by Horace Walpole)

• Celestial Chess (short novel, being redone for stage, for children, about the relationship between day and night)

• Companions of My Spirit (two acts about the circumstances surrounding the death of Alexander Pushkin)

• The Death of Honour (one act about last fatal duel in Canada; site-specific work)

• Deep Trout (musical set in a major discount department store)

• Welfarewell (two-act social satire about an elderly actress who can’t survive on her meagre government pension and what she does to rectify it)

• The Eternal Husband (two acts, adapted from the Dostoevsky short novel of the same name)

• Grace (one act about a family that gathers for Thanksgiving after the suicide of their daughter/mother)

• Mrs. Brown & Mrs. Baker (two acts about Queen Victoria and Florence Baker, whom Victoria shunned)

• My Word (one act about a woman who bargains with the Grim Reaper)

• The Nakaz of Ekaterina (two-act histoical about Catherine the Great)

• Natural Resources (one act about artist Lawren Harris)

• Pierrequin (two-act, historical that posits the theory that both of the princes did not die in the tower)

• Post Mortem (two acts about a true murder)

• Under an English Heaven (two acts based on the life and works of WWI poet, Rupert Brooke, and the romanticism of war)

• The Wheels of Life (musical about three couples in mid-life, based on the songs of Gino Vannelli)

• Wisewoman Trilogy (three-act satire about witches)

• My Favorite Wife, co-written with David Copelin, (two-act comedy about a bigamist whose wives turn him in as a murderer)

Full-length and Short Fiction

• The Atlantis Scrolls (fantasy fiction novel in three parts)

• The Comedy of Horrors (short novel, humorous 23,250 words)

• Coming and Going (collection of short stories)

• Inland (the great Canadian novel, includes actual stories from Cat’s extended family)

• Smoke (novel set in Edinburgh in 1858)

• A Study in Silk (genre romance novel 60,000 words)

• Autumn Blooms (genre romance novel 65,000 words)

• Letters to a Paralyzed Planet (novella)

• Lucy Two-Shoes (novel based in Dublin, fictionalized story of Cat’s great-grandma!)

• The Pilot (novel; in progress)

• A Suitable Suitor for the Times (novel of manners in the Victorian tradition)

For the Silver Screen

• Four Funerals and a Wedding (comedy/drama; a cynic learns to love)

• Libretto (dramatic tale of personal journey;  somewhat autobiographical)

• The Ratzburg Symphony (drama about the Mennonite past of a concert violinist)

• The Second Parallel (epic historical drama about the discovery of the Nile)

• The Legacy of Love (drama with humour about a woman who leaves a unique legacy

thanks to her love for her daughters)

• Ghosth (comedy about a conservative couple faced with a “special” ghost)

• Welfarewell (adapted from Cat’s stage play of the same name)

For the Small Screen

• Classics (a sitcom, taking place in the classics department of a modern university)

• Welfarewell (a sitcom, adapted from Cat’s stage play of the same name)

• Sandwich (a sitcom involving a modern, extended family)

Poetry and Children’s Literature

• A Year in Poetry (daily poems December 2007 to December 2008)

• Castle Capers (epic poem for children)

• Extreme Nocturnes (book of poetry)

• Limon Sinley and the Spay of Doonerisms (comedic grammar lessons for children)

• Pet Tales (story books for pets)

• Straw Flaw Guffaw (book of poetry)

• A Mannerly Mouse Named Murdoch (story in poetry for children)

Non-fiction and Memoirs

• A Year in the Country (creative non-fiction)

• Gramps (memoir)

• Lives Have Nine Cats and Other Tales of Pet Motherhood (memoir with poetry,

drawings and photos)

• Shylock’s Last Stand (non-fiction book, published in 1997)

• Success Sucks! (non-fiction satire, skewering motivational gurus)

Special Major Editorial and Writing Contract Projects

The Cushings Chronicle by Dr. Barbara Fuller (factual book on a medical intern who developed Cushings Disease and survived)

The Last Voyage of the S.S. Empire Lancer: a Memoir by the late Roger Pocock (biography from WWII; set to be adapted into a screenplay)

Putting on a Show; Theatre for Young People by Kathleen McDonnell (major editing of book by noted Canadian children’s playwright, including four plays, for Second Story Press, Toronto)

Within Attractions, adaptation to stage of a screenplay (and produced film) by Patrick Phillips