Welfarewell is faring well!

Because sales for the published version (Samuel French, Inc., 2010) of Cat’s award-winning stage play, Welfarewell, are going so well, there will certainly be live productions in the next few months and years. Cat is looking forward to attending premieres galore! The play is a two-act social satire, featuring an 80-year-old retired stage actor, Esmerelda Quipp, who just can’t make ends meet. But she’s crafty, and relies upon years of life experiences to guide her to resolution. With the help of a collection of curious characters (including a judge, a couple of hookers and a murderess), Esmerelda overcomes her plight. Not since Steel Magnolias has there been a play of such warmth and humour with a largely female cast. Watch for updates on this site as we post news about upcoming productions of this funny, endearing play.

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